Monday, June 6, 2011

90210 Shocker! Trevor Donovan Not Coming Back as Series Regular

Teddy's out! But apparently, he's never coming back... to the show, that is.

This guilty pleasure is looking at big changes in its upcoming fourth season. One, the West Bev students are heading to college! This led to the exit of the two remaining adult characters on the show, Ryan Eggold's Ryan Matthews and Lori Loughlin's Debbie Wilson. Two, the series is also experiencing a big shake-up off screen. Showrunner Rebecca Sinclair stepped down from her role and Life Unexpected writers Patti Carr and Lara Olsen will replace her.

Somehow, all these changes contributed to Donovan being demoted to a guest star billing next season. (Teddy will still appear in 90210 for about five episodes.) From reports, I am posed to believe that Donovan did not quit the show. I guess the new showrunners don't have a storyline for his recently out of the closet alter ego? I just don't get how 90210 can make his gay arc a really big deal in season 3 and then just get rid of the character come next season. And why not just oust the unlikeable characters like Annie, or even Adrianna?

With Life Unexpected scribes taking over the show next season, I'm expecting great writing and exciting opportunities for the show. But this new development is just disappointing.

Will you guys miss Teddy? Are you sad that just when he gets interesting, they let him go? Do you think there should be a new gay character on the show? And are you still looking forward to next season?

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