Sunday, June 5, 2011

Did The X Factor U.S. Offer Cheryl Cole Her Job Back?

This show hasn't even started and it's already getting into my nerves.

After being pulled out from the American version of The X Factor, which premieres in the upcoming fall schedule on Fox, reports are coming in that Simon Cowell and Co. are asking Cheryl Cole to return to the show as a judge.

As I've posted here, Cole was asked to leave the program, but no official reason was given by the showrunners. But allegedly, her ouster was due to her strong British accent which American viewers may find difficult to understand. Nicole Scherzinger, who's originally one of the hosts for the show, was reported to have replaced Cole as the fourth judge.

But who cares? Cheryl Cole still has a judging stint in U.K.'s X Factor, right? Wrong. Cole has been a judge in the British counterpart for a couple of seasons now. But during the announcement of its newest season, Cheryl was shockingly missing in the list of judges, which includes former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. It was said that U.K. producers gave Cheryl a chance to return to the original show, but she might not have been answering calls from them due to her sudden removal from the American version.

And now, after this whole debacle, Cheryl Cole received another offer to return to The X Factor U.S. together with judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid. The question now is whether Nicole Scherzinger will return as Steve Jone's co-host when Cole indeed returns as a judge. (But I'm hoping she'll just be entirely removed from the show.)

If I was Cheryl, I won't take the offer purely because of pride. But then again, she has the opportunity to become a part of this surely hit show. (Just look at how J.Lo's career took off once again after being a judge in Idol.) And I bet the offer involves a huge amount of money.

So do you want Cole to return? Do you feel bad for her as much as I do? And do you think Nicole should just be ousted if Cole does come back?

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