Friday, May 27, 2011

X Factor: Cheryl Cole Out?

The American version is not premiering until next fall, but we may have our first twist already!

It has been reported that Cheryl Cole will be one of the judges for the X Factor U.S. She was supposed to be joining L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell in that judging table when the reality singing competition begins. But there are new reports coming in that Cole may actually not be flown across the pond to join the Cowell-produced show! What I've been reading is that one of the concerns with Cole is her heavy British accent that American viewers may find difficult to understand. Also, it was said that she may not have the best chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul.

But here's the real shocker. Nicole Sherzinger, who was originally brought to the show to co-host with Brit Steve Jones, is reported to be the one to replace Cole as a judge. If this does happen, then Steven Jones will be the sole host for the X Factor.

Replacing cast members is normal for a new show before it premieres. This is usually the time when producers and network executives look into its new series and see how else it can be improved. The question now is if this a good move for the X Factor and its network, Fox. Well, we'll just have to find out come fall. I feel bad for Cheryl Cole though. (Accent? Really?)

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