Saturday, May 28, 2011

SYTYCD 8: Atlanta and San Francisco Auditions

American Idol has just wrapped up its season and Dance fanatics know what this means: So You Think You Can Dance is back! And look who's returning? It's Mary Murphy! Joining our Hot Tamale is executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and the always lovely Cat Deeley.

The season premiere brought us to Hot-lanta and San Francisco for the first rounds of auditions. And in true SYTYCD fashion, we were introduced to some hot dancers. Let me list down those that had gotten me excited for season 8.

Melanie Moore

I hate having early favorites because they always crush my spirits when they do not crack the top 20. But seriously, how can anyone not love Melanie? One, she looks like a star. Two, she seems to have an extremely pleasing personality. And three, she dances really beautifully. Lil C was right, she can dance for Zeus in Olympus. She just moves like a goddess. (Plus, her paintings are to die for!) Melanie's gonna break my heart if she doesn't get through Vegas round.

Marko Germar

Here's one athletic dancer. But as Dance followers know, athleticism and technical know-how are not enough to be America's Favorite Dancer. The main reason I'm including Marko in my list is that aside from being a strong contemporary dancer, his pre-audition package seems to show that he also knows how to b-boy. That flexibility will definitely work for him in this show.

Amber Williams

Now this is hot dancing. Did Amber light up that stage or what? As Tyce said it, Amber can command attention, and she certainly caught mine. She had pretty wonderful moves in her audition piece too! My only problem with her is that she can be a bit too crazy for comfort. She does have a quirky personality, which is awesome, but I hope she can also tone it down just a little.

Jeffery McCann 

I thoroughly enjoyed Jeffery's b-boy audition. The only problem with break dancers in SYTYCD is that most of the time, they have difficulties in learning the other styles of dance thrown at them like contemporary or ballroom. But Jeffery certainly has smooth moves that I think can translate well into choreography and into the other areas of dance.

Ryan Ramirez

Ryan almost made it to the final rounds last season so there is no surprise that she can really deliver a good performance. And I agree with Toni Redpath, she does have a controlled abandonment that's lovely to watch.

Lily Nguyen

We only saw a glimpse of her auditions but Lily instantly grabbed my attention. I don't think we ever had a b-girl crack the top 20. (So this is me crossing my fingers, hoping she'll do well in Vegas.) From the clip though, I think she has the ability to adapt in other areas of dance too.

So who are your favorites so far? (Please also say Melanie Moore!) Are you glad Mary Murphy is back? And are you also dying of anticipation for Vegas Round?

Stay tuned for more SYTYCD updates!

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Happy Watching!

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