Monday, May 16, 2011

Cancelation Blues? [UPDATED 5/24]

Every year, we get to this point of anticipation. We wait for the networks’ announcements regarding the fates of our (least) favorite shows. And alas, the period of uncertainty is (almost) over and for some of us, it is bad news.

Found below is the list of the most recently canceled shows. I don’t watch all of them, but what the heck.


Better With You - I’m really bummed about this one. It’s a funny show with an endearing cast! If you haven’t seen it, this better be in your TV-you-should-be-watching-but-aren’t list. Don’t worry, it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger. It actually ends in a really sweet note that ties the whole series together in a nice little bow.

Brothers & Sisters - After 5 seasons of family drama, we say goodbye to the Walkers. I’m actually OK with this cancellation. The show has gotten too soap opera-y for my taste. I’ll just miss Kevin and Scotty the most. Has there been any gay couple on TV that’s as stable as them? (At least we still have Cam & Mitchell and Kurt & Blaine.) The show also doesn’t end with a lot of loose plot lines, so that’s a good thing.

The Cape - We need a superhero series and we need Summer Glau in our TV screens. Unfortunately, The Cape can’t provide us what we need.


The Event - The plot has gotten so so so complicated in this high-concept series. It was one of the shows that tried to be the next Lost, but let’s be honest, nothing can be the next Lost. Now, can Jason Ritter return to Parenthood as a series regular?

Lie To Me - I never got into the show but I know a lot of people who are fans. Sorry guys!

No Ordinary Family - The writing was horrible so I’m pretty happy to see it bite the dust. Plus, Julie Benz needed to be freed from a show which was so much beneath her.

Off the Map - Doctors working in a jungle? It just didn’t work for me (and for the U.S. audience too, I see.) Now, if only Zach Gilford would get into a great show after Friday Night Lights…

Outsourced - I was able to catch a few episodes of this comedy and I had quite a few good laughs. But maybe it made fun of a rich and wonderful culture a little bit too much? Well, NBC seems to have some promising new comedies so this may just be the right decision for the network.


V - I’m also pretty sad about this one. The second season of the series was on a creative roll! And adding insult to injury, the show left us with a really huge cliffhanger! (SPOILER ALERT!) What happens after Anna gives bliss to the entire human population? Sadly, we’ll never get to find out.

Other shows:
Breaking In
The Chicago Code
The Defenders
Detroit 1-8-7
Human Target
Law & Order: Los Angeles
Mad Love
Mr. Sunshine
S#*! My Dad Says
Traffic Light

How about you guys? Which cancellation bums you out the most?

I’ll update this blog once the futures of other bubble shows have been decided. Keep your fingers crossed!

UPDATES on the most recently canceled showed:


Hellcats - I guess Ashley Tisdale needs to go on a job hunt now. Who wants High School Musical 5? Anyone? Nobody? Ok.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior


United States of Tara - I just woke up to very sad news. This show has personality, it's interesting, and Toni Collette is simply awesome as Tara/T/Buck/Alice/Shoshana/Chicken/Gimme. I just hope this last season will give viewers the closure they deserve. I'm going to go all Buck if it doesn't. 

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Happy Watching!

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  1. Try to watch Mad Love even if it was cancelled. It is such a sweet romantic comedy, plus Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke have great chemistry. :)