Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glee: "New York" Spoilers

Welcome to the city that never sleeps! As some of you loyal Gleeks already know, the Glee gang will be heading to New York City for Nationals next week. I bet some of you will actually be losing sleep in anticipation of the big season finale, so I'm here to give you a few details about the episode to satisfy your cravings for some New Directions news.

Spoiler Alert! (But I know you're not gonna be able to help yourself... so just read on.)

  • It is Nationals so the competition is bigger than ever! The pressure will be higher for the McKinley glee club since they'll be competing with teams from all over the country. One of the teams New Directions will be going up against next week is another team from Ohio, the Bad News Bears (They do sound like bad news.) And of course, Vocal Adrenaline will be back with coach Cheyenne Jackson (a.k.a.  Sergeant Handsome) and lead singer Charice. Can the New Directions handle Nationals? I really hope they can.

  • Other guest stars in the episode, aside from Cheyenne and Charice, will include Jonathan Groff and Patti Lupone.
  • Will will be using some of his time in New York to reflect on his future. He'll struggle about the decision of whether he'll stay with the glee kids or go pursue Broadway. In the process, a Matthew Morrison song, "Still Got Tonight", which is from his debut album, will be sung by our New Directions coach, Morrison's alter ego!
  • Finchel fans will also rejoice in the finale! Finn's gonna be in a suit, there will be flowers, and he'll take Rachel on one amazing date. How will this end for the on again off again couple? Lea Michelle says we'll just have to see how it ends. (Now I'm intrigued!)
  • Other songs included in the episode are Madonna's "I Love New York" and Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York". (duh!)
  • There will also be original songs- Sunshine Corazon's "As Long As You're Still There", Finchel's "Pretending" and New Directions' "Light Up the World". You can listen to these songs after the jump.

So are you guys dying of anticipation? Are you rooting for Finchel? Or do you want Finn and Quinn to be back together? Are you hoping New Directions will win Nationals? I sure am! Which original song are you digging? I am loving Light Up the World. And how about Quinn's new haircut? Sound off below!

Happy Watching!

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