Friday, May 20, 2011

Are You Ready for the X Factor?

A new trailer has been released online for the much anticipated singing reality show, X Factor. Viewers will finally get reunited with the man we've all loved to hate, the one and only Simon Cowell!

After the disappointing performance of the new Idol judges (and, of course, Randy too) this season, I am so ready to have Simon to once again berate wannabe superstars in front of millions of viewers. Yes, Simon can be cruel, and I won't lie, he can also be infuriating at times, but at least he almost always gives honest feedback that may actually help the contestants in their future careers. (If Simon have had critiqued Lauren Alaina's lack of self confidence and Scotty McCreery's cheesy facial expressions, we would have a much better final 2 in Idol this year. But of course, Randy and J.Lo would rather follow their scripts and Steven's just asleep for more than half of the season... But here I am again ranting about Idol.)

Another thing that's exciting about X Factor is Simon and Paula Abdul's reunion! Whether you loved or loathed her on Idol, you can't deny that Simon and Paula had good chemistry on screen. We also have L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole on the panel and I bet they'll do a much better job than Randy and Co.

And what about our hosts? Did you know that Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame) was the first choice to co-host with Scherzinger? That would have been all kinds of awkward, no? Good thing, Scherzinger also felt uncomfortable being on stage with a very much younger-looking man; so Simon brought Steve Jones from across the pond to be the 2nd host. If Cat Deeley, from So You Think You Can Dance, is any indication of the likeability and just overall awesomeness of a British host, then we're definitely in for a good ride with Jones. I'm not yet sold on the lead Pussycat Doll to be hosting such a big reality show though. I guess I'll just have to wait 'til fall to figure this one out. And in case any one of these hosts do not have what it takes, X Factor can always replace Jones, Scherzinger, or even the both of them come season 2. They've done this on American Idol and SYTYCD and look how far these reality competition shows have come.

So do you think X Factor will be the next singing competition hit? Or are you just sick and tired of these type of shows? Are you excited for Simon's comeback? And Paula's too? Do you think Corbin Bleu would have been a better co-host in the show? Sound off below!

Happy Watching!


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