Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Platinum Hit: A New Breed of Reality Singing Competition?

Tell me honestly, are you tired of singing competition shows filling up your daily TV routine? American Idol just finished its 10th season a few hours ago. The Voice is giving us a pretty satisfying first season run. And the American version of The X Factor is coming to our TV screens this fall.

If, like me, you still can't resist undiscovered talent wowing us with spectacular performances or struggling artists making fools of themselves in front of millions of viewers, then here's another series for you: Platinum Hit.

Platinum Hit is a singing reality competition show... but with a twist. The contestants in this new Bravo series are all singer-songwriter types and they will be judged on both their singing and writing abilities. Sounds interesting, right? I think true artists should definitely know how to make their own stuff and I'm glad Platinum Hit is giving us the platform to discover the real deal. I'm just excited to hear what these superstar wannabes come up with.

Plus, we get to see all the contestants live under one roof, and we all know what happens when you put a group of artists together: a whole bunch of drama. And unlike Idol, we actually get to know the singers better with this format.

And did you miss Kara Dioguardi? I have to admit, she annoyed the hell out of me during Kris Allen's season. But she also had some good critiquing points in her second season in Idol (which, unfortunately, none of the current judges have). Kara has also penned quite a lot of nice songs like Terrified (I just love Katharine McPhee and Zachary Levi's cover. Check it out on YouTube!) that she may actually be a good judge for this show. (Let's just forget about that Kris-Adam finale song, shall we?)

Am I the only one looking forward to this show? Do you think Kara's a good fit for this? How about Jewel?Will we discover the next singing (and songwriting!) sensation here? And will this be our new obsession every week? Platinum Hits premieres next week, May 30/31!    

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Happy Watching!

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