Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Chuck can be Season-One-Awesome in its Final Season

Spoiler Alert! This post contains Chuck season finale details, so if you haven't watched it, stop reading now.

I'm not saying Chuck was less awesome in its 2nd, 3rd and 4th run; but there was just something about season one that was extra charming and adorable, don't you agree?

In another game-changing season finale (seriously, how many times can this show change its game?), we found Chuck and Sarah (finally!) getting married, Chuck and the gang starting a private undercover spy agency (after being fired from the CIA), and the Intersect being uploaded into Morgan's head. I think the secret weapon (it's no secret to Chuck fans though) to season one's awesomeness was Chuck being a fish-out-of-water spy. He was forced into this dangerous world without the right skills and experience for the job; and this definitely created some extraordinary and magical moments in the show's freshman run. Of course, Chuck got (a wee bit) better in the succeeding seasons... and then he knew Kung-Fu. But now, we'll have Morgan as the new inexperienced spy who'll force Casey and the gang's hands to bringing him in every mission because he is the new Intersect! Yes people, Morgan is the new Chuck! This will also mean more Casey-Morgan interactions, which I've always found to be sweet and funny in the most unexpected ways.

So what else will make season 5 great? I've listed some of the things that I'll like to see in the finale season:
  • Beckman to lead the new private spy agency. This will mean more of Beckman stepping out of that TV screen. Maybe she can even join the gang in its missions and we'll get to see her kick some criminal ass.
  • Hartley (Volkoff) and Mother Bartowski to return and work with Chuck, Casey, Sarah and Morgan.
  • More back stories for our four leads.
  • Chuck and Sarah having cute little spy babies in the series finale.
  • And NBC picking-up the show for a FULL SEASON PICK-UP (We need those extra 9 episodes!)
How about you guys? What are you most looking forward to in the final season? What do you wanna see happen? Are you as glad as I am that the show got renewed, especially with the cliffhanger that it left us? Or are you more bummed out that the 13th episode next season may be its last?

Happy Watching!

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