Thursday, May 19, 2011

And our American Idol Top 2 Finalists Are... [SPOILER ALERT!]

Here's a season finale that I WON'T be watching next week. After receiving almost no love from the judges all season, after being a cannon-fodder finalist to someone who fought her way to the top 3, and after a whole lot of explosive and sensational performances, Haley Reinhart leaves the Idol stage.

This leaves us with Scotty and Lauren to sing their swan songs in the Nokia Theater next week. Tell me honestly, is this the most boring Idol finale or what? We all already know what Scotty will do next week- a couple of safe ol' country songs, some upbeat country ditty, and a whole lot of eyebrow-raising and cheesy facial expressions. (Why haven't the judges commented on this? Oh right, 'coz their a bunch of overly-paid celebrities who have absolutely no idea of what they're doing.) Scotty should take some chances. I'm not saying he should stop being country. But why not take rock or pop songs and give them some country spin?

Lauren, on the other hand, should have joined American Idol after a couple of years. She obviously lacks the confidence that a couple years worth of experience can bring. This is why she always sings the same safe stuff- one or two ballads, then a set list of midtempo songs that don't really show her range. In the course of one week, she should find that self-confidence to actually take risks in the finale. If she doesn't fight, Scotty will surely be under that confetti shower.

I blame the judges for this. Everyone has been so disappointing this season. I've expected Randy to be talking some non-sense, but I've never thought Jennifer Lopez to always be contradicting herself and Steven Tyler to be asleep the entire season. I love Haley for knowing that the judges' critique (or non-critique) are a bunch of BS. (C'mon J.Lo and Randy, comment on her singing! not on whether her song is POPULAR or not.) And of course, only Haley gets the harsh comments. Scotty is always "in it to win it" and Lauren is "the One."

This is so disappointing because although Scotty had a shining moment in "You've Got a Friend in Me" and Lauren in "Anyway", Haley had the most spectacular performances! Bennie and the Jets. Rolling in the Deep. You and I. House of the Rising Sun. I (Who Have Nothing). What Is and What Should Never Be. Rhiannon. Yes Randy, Haley is in it to win it too! She definitely deserved to win. Sadly, it will never happen. I am now just hoping that Haley gets signed and have a successful music career after Idol. 'Coz we all know it's not about winning the entire thing. (Chris Daughtry, anyone?) And I'll buy her album for sure!

But as of the moment, we're stuck with Lauren and Scotty. Personally, I'd like to see Lauren win. But I bet Scotty will be the one to grab the entire thing in the end.

Are you as disappointed as I am? Who do you want to win next week? And does Haley have a chance in the music industry?

As a tribute to Haley Reinhart, let me leave you with probably her best performance this season. Enjoy!

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