Sunday, May 22, 2011

Transporter: the TV Series?

All the TV gods want Luc Besson! (the writer and director for the 1990 film La Femme Nikita and the writer and producer for the Transporter movie franchise) TV fanatics know Nikita has been developed into a TV series and it has just wrapped its explosive first season. (and it also got renewed!) Now, there's news that the same may happen to the Jason Stratham starrer.

Well, TV and action movie geeks, the news is true! I haven't watched any of the Transporter movies (I was never a movie person), but from what I've read from Wikipedia, the franchise follows a mercenary transporter who can deliver anything anywhere without questions asked. To help those of you who haven't seen the movies (like me), I've posted the trailer of the first Transporter movie below. Now just imagine that trailer transformed into a weekly one-hour show...

Chris Vance (from Prison Break, Mental and Dexter) has been cast as Frank Martin, the franchise's lead character, which has been played by Jason Stratham for the last 3 films. Good thing Vance is also British like Stratham! Vance also mentioned that the series will be everything the fans of the movies loved. This means lots of "car chases, stunts, fights, beautiful girls, villains, heroes, [and] guns.”
Transporter: the Series will air in 2012. So at the meantime, why don't you check out the show's first promotional photo:

I'll probably watch the series next year, but only after I've marathoned the movies first. And from Chris Vance's performances in Prison Break and Dexter, I'll say this show has good potential. How about you? Will you tune in?

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Happy Watching!

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