Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scotty is In It To Win It! (and is still a Gentleman.)

Scotty McCreery may not be my American Idol, but at least he's a gentleman.

After the announcement of the final 2 last week, a coin, with the finalists' faces pasted on each side, was tossed on stage. The winner of the coin toss can decide the order of the performances in the finale. According to backstage reports from TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, the coin revealed Scotty's face after the toss. So when he was asked what he wanted to do, he immediately turned to Lauren and asked her what she wanted to do. Lauren said she wanted to go second and McCreery instantly agreed that he'll go first.

I know this is not American Gentleman but this is making me root for Scotty a little bit more. Also, there were reports that right after Haley got eliminated and when the judges were on stage to talk to the top 3 (now top 2), Lauren was so excited that she started jumping up and down with J.Lo and Steven Tyler. I love that Haley (my American Idol!) and Lauren are BFFs in real life, but maybe Lauren shouldn't be jumping in joy in front of her eliminated companion? Or am I just being overly protective of Haley?

No matter what, I think Lauren did a wise thing to sing last in the finale performance show. It's always good if you're the last one to leave an impression to the voting viewers. But I don't think this will help Lauren's chances enough to make her win the entire thing. Scotty has been more consistent the entire season, he has a really large fan base and one can't underestimate teenage girls' voting prowess. Lauren can only win the entire thing if she'll have a mind-blowingly good performance in this season's final week.

So who are you guys rooting for? Is Scotty a sure bet to be under that confetti shower in the finale? Are you still mourning about Haley's elimination? I still sure am! And did Scotty's gentlemanly ways impress you?

Happy Watching!

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