Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Voice (The Finalists So Far...)

We've seen 8 finalists move onto the live performance rounds after two episodes of the Battle Rounds. Here, I ranked these 8 from the contestant I am least rooting for to the artist who I want to win it all. This list shall be updated in the next couple of weeks when The Voice finally reveals its top 16.

8. Patrick Thomas - I disagree with Blake's decision here. Yes, Patrick does have a good and powerful voice. And maybe Patrick's only moving onto the next round because he's a country singer and he's more in Blake's wheelhouse. But I think Tyler Robins outshined Patrick in the Battle Rounds. Tyler sang beautifully and he certainly had more soul. Also, he listened to Blake's advice of making the runs and riffs count and not oversinging. Just ask the other coaches, they agree with me!

7. Frenchie Davis - Our resident diva had good control in Single Ladies; and she didn't oversing the Beyonce anthem (ahem. Tarralyn Ramsey. ahem.) Plus, she definitely had stage presence (I guess all that Rent experience payed off.) But I'm not rooting for her though. She simply doesn't have that extra edge the other finalists have. I feel like others will outshine her in the competition. She has to be exciting and not just be a generic diva singer to actually go far.

6. Nakia - As much as I liked Nakia better than Tje Austin in the Blind Auditions, I think Tje did a much better job singing Closer. Maybe the song was just a much better fit for Tje? Nakia should have toned down a bit. But don't get me wrong, he sings well. He just needs to pick songs that fit him in the live rounds, because as Cee-Lo mentioned in his first audition, Nakia is one of those "exceptions to the rule." 

5. Casey Weston - One, Casey looks gorgeous. Two, she has this unique and pleasant tone about her. She started Leather and Lace a bit wobbly though; maybe it's the nerves. She's 18 anyway. And Blake's right, with all the potential that she has, she can really develop into a wonderful artist.

4. Beverly McClellan - Quoting Randy Jackson, "Beverly's IN IT TO WIN IT!" (Ok, that phrase should be illegal now.) But honestly, she had the most confidence among the other semi-finalists. Well, is it cockiness or confidence? No matter what it is, she knows how to work the crowd. And, again with a Randy quote, "SHE CAN SING!" She has one of the most powerful voices in the show and she knows how to work it. Beverly should indeed remain a rock singer in the live rounds, but I'd like to see her slow it down a bit, forget about all the theatrics, and simply focus on her voice. 

3. Javier Colon - After his Blind Auditions, Javier is definitely the early favorite right now; and he didn't disappoint in Stand By Me. He has a radio-ready voice that is quite nice. His Time After Time performance also showed he has the artistry that some of the so-called "artists" today lack. I just hope he can top his first 2 performances in the Final Rounds and not become the Andrew Garcia or the Casey Abrams of The Voice.

2. Jared Blake - Jared has a strong and forceful voice; but I loved how he didn't power through Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Other singers with his type of voice might have already belted and screamed midway through the song; but he didn't. He showed control over his voice; and even without the high notes, his voice remained powerful the entire time. His performance in the Battle Rounds also gave focus to the awesome quality and tone of his voice.  

1. Vicci Martinez - Vicci has a really good quality about her voice. It has a raspy tone that's perfect for pop rock songs like F*cking Perfect. If she continues with these type of song choices in the live rounds, she has an absolute chance of winning the entire thing. But what's more impressive about her is that she emotionally connects with the songs she sings. From her performance of Pink's song, I can feel all the frustration and at the same time the inspiration that she wants to portray through the song. To be fair, her opponent, Niki Dawson, also did an incredible job. Too bad Cee-Lo had to pair them up together.

How about you guys? Who are you rooting for? Which eliminated singers did you like to see in the final round? And who among the remaining semi-finalists do you wanna see go through?

Happy Watching!


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