Sunday, May 29, 2011

What We May Possibly See in the 3rd Season of Glee

The sophomore run of our favorite musical dramady has just finished its course less than a week ago, but we're now getting some news about what may possibly happen in season 3.

  • To those of you who got confused with Sam and Mercedes' hidden relationship, you may just have to wait 'til next season to know what their exact reasons are for keeping things secret. This means that when we get back, Samcedes will still be alive and kicking!
  • Sunshine Corazon's future in the show is still uncertain. The producers' big plans for next season may or may not include her. Nothing's set in stone yet until they begin production by the end of June.
  • Producers will definitely tackle the issue of how most of the characters are graduating soon.
  • We might get into Santana's coming out of the closet in season 3. Just like Kurt's coming out story, it'll be a big deal and it's not gonna be rushed.
  • There's gonna be some Will and Emma action next season. Whether things will turn out good or bad between the two, we still don't know. But they're both single now and Will helped Emma get better, so them getting together may not be entirely far-fetched.
  • Quinn may also get a new love interest in season 3!
  • After her sister's death, Sue may not be a changed woman after all! She may start ruining things for the glee club once again.
Of course, things may still change when Glee resumes production in June. It is still early. But something is better than nothing right? I guess we'll just have to wait a couple more months to know what the real deal is for Glee season 3.

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