Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Office: So Who's Your Boss?

If you haven't seen the season ender of The Office, I suggest you to stop reading this article since it contains spoilery details about the episode. Just come back after watching it. To the other Office loyalists, read on.

I honestly thought that the season finale will finally bring us some answers as to who will replace the incredible Michael Scott after Steve Carell left the show a few weeks back. The episode, entitled "Search Committee", gave us a bunch of candidates for the highly-coveted branch manager position. But sadly, by the time the credits rolled, we were still left hanging.

I shall list down the potential replacements for Scott below and discuss who I'd want to see next season in that Scranton office.

Will Arnett

Here is someone who has ABSOLUTELY no chance of becoming the next boss. Why? Because of this.

James Spader

This overly confident candidate seemed to intimidate and scare Jim a little during his interview. This is why I don't think this character will be a right fit for the show and the cast. Although Spader did make me cough up a few laughs in the episode, I think we've already had enough creepy bosses for one series, right? (I'm looking at you Will Ferrell/Deangelo.)
Ray Romano

Romano should take up some self-esteem classes from fellow candidate James Spader. He also seem to be out of the running to become the next branch manager seeing that he sabotaged himself in the interview after Spader tricked him into believing that the Scranton office was the worst possible place to work in. Eating a sandwich in an interview? Really, Romano?

Ricky Gervais (a.k.a. David Brent)

So the general manager of the Slough offices from The Office U.K. also applied for Scott's job! Of course, Brent coming to Scranton permanently will never happen. Besides, Gervais is too busy working on the Chinese and Swedish and other foreign versions of The Office.

Jim Carrey

He did a cameo toward the end of the episode. Sadly, Carrey is too big of a star to be a regular character on TV.

Catherine Tate

If I were to choose, I'd like Catherine Tate to be the next boss! She's perfectly likeable, goofy and British for the show. And please let her Zen Office idea happen. The line where she described Suki(iiii!), the Thai massage therapist, had me (laughing) in tears. Plus, I heard that the producers have her on the top of the list to be the next boss.

Darryl, Andy and Dwight

Before the episode, I thought Darryl was the best candidate for the job. He seemed to be the most qualified one to be a manager. This is why I was surprised to see him tank his interview. First, he didn't prepare a resume (or knew how to create one at all) for the search committee. Then, he made a 4-page one to the disappointment of CEO Jo. And after all of these, he brought his adorable daughter to the office and used her to say things like "Daddy are these the people who are gonna make you manager?" and "I don't know if he's gonna be a good manager, but he's a really great dad!" Oh Darryl, I expected a lot more from you.

Andy will be a safe choice for the job, but let's focus on his love story with Erin next season, shall we?

And you can always count on Dwight for some laughs. But we've already tried him as the boss, and somehow, it didn't work for me. He can still be the assistant to the manager though.

What do you think? Do you think Tate will be a good replacement for Carell? Or do you prefer the other candidates? And can we talk about Creed for a second? This underutilized character had me rolling the entire episode when he was the manager! Let's have more Creed please.

Happy Watching!


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