Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Lying Game [Summer/Spring 2011 TV #4]

I've been too excited about the recent pick-ups for Fall 2011 that I completely forgot about the new and returning shows of the summer and spring months of May to August.

There's a new bunch of liars coming to ABC Family this August 15/16 with The Lying Game. It's the network's 4th new series to premiere over the summer/spring season; and what do you know, The Lying Game is also based on a book by the Pretty Little Liars author.

It's the ol' twin switcheroo plot. Orphaned twins who grew up separately decides to switch places. Emma, who's still a foster child, takes the place of her twin sister Sutton, who got adopted into a rich family. Sutton, on the other hand, goes on to look for the mother they've never met.

If The Lying Game is as intriguing and riveting as PLL, then I am totally in. I just hope the plot won't be too predictable. Besides, we've already seen this sort of plot a lot of times before, right?

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