Thursday, May 19, 2011

About that Glee Death of [SPOILER]

The poll result was right! It's none of the above. The character who died in this week's Glee episode wasn't Terri nor Emma nor Carole... It was [Spoiler Alert! Stop reading if you haven't watched "Funeral".]

... Sue's sister! Oh Jean... we hardly knew ya.

Sue Sylvester was written into a corner this season. Somehow, Jane Lynch got stuck playing someone who is unlikeable, psychotic, and just plain mean. Exhibit A: Artie's almost torture. Exhibit B: Manipulating Brittany into being fired from a canon. Exhibit C: Planning to reroute the New Directions' plane to Tripoli so they may be kidnapped then killed. And the Evil League of Doom? What were the writers thinking? Where is the Sue Sylvester we've once loved?

The writers of Glee have this tendency of forgetting certain past storylines or writing something totally inconsistent with a character or a plot. Whatever happened to Quinn's baby and Rachel's mother? Where is Artie's Christmas gift (the walker thing) and why isn't he using it? And has everyone totally forgotten about Puck and Mercedes' short-lived fling?

They do this to Sue's character too. Wasn't there a time when Sue enjoyed being in the glee club? Didn't Sue have a tender moment with Will when they went to sing with the cancer kids? Honestly, Sue's character development is more confusing than politics or reading a map.

When Sue's sister, Jean, was introduced to us, we somehow understood why Sue is the way Sue is. She then had sweet moments with Will. She even had a crush on him once! But after some time, she started breaking things, throwing students in hallways, and going on rampages. She went suicidal, then decided to join the glee kids, and actually had fun. Of course, all of these happened before she was back to planning everyone's demise AGAIN... and now, this. When Jean died, New Directions helped Sue arrange the funeral and sort her feelings out. In the end of the episode, Sue actually wished the glee gang luck and said she'll stop tormenting them.

I would have loved this development in Sue's character if the writers weren't as inconsistent and puzzling as they've been. The death seemed to be a hall pass to give Sue some redeeming qualities once more. It's as if Ryan Murphy and co. realized that our resident Cheerios coach is becoming very unsympathetic to everyone and so they'll have to slap us viewers in the face with her sister's death.

I just hope the writers stick with this development this time around. Sue can't go back to her murderous and abhorrent self. Of course, Sue won't be Sue anymore without her cruel but witty one-liners. Those were what made viewers love her during season 1. She needs to go back to her funny mean girl self and not further regress into someone extremely detestable. I wish Jean's death will mean better things for this once-loved character.

What did you think of Jean's death? Were you as shocked as I am? What do you think will this mean for Sue's character? How about her relationship with Will and the glee kids? Sound off below!

Happy Watching!

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