Sunday, May 15, 2011

TV You Should be Watching but Aren't #2

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we have to suffer enjoy 5 months of hiatus from our favorite TV dramas and 5 months of reality summer TV. Now that no new episodes of The Vampire Diaries or Community will be shown ‘til forever, how about marathon some quality series? Catch up on these shows-you-should-be-watching-but-aren’t before Fall TV 2011 starts in September/October.



Background: Parenthood is a family drama based on the 1989 comedy-drama film of the same name. In this remake, Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia play the parental roles. They are joined by Peter Krause, Mae Whitman, Erika Christensen, Dax Shepard, Lauren Graham and Monica Potter.

Why you should watch it: The Bravermans may be my 2nd favorite TV family after the Pritchetts and Dunphys of Modern Family. The show is sweet, entertaining, down-to-earth, authentic and tackles real-life family issues. The entire cast is also very believable as members of this loving and sometimes chaotic family. (Aren’t all are families this way?) Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are perfect as the hot-and-cold mother-sister duo and Monica Potter is just wonderful as the supportive and untiring mother of a kid with Aspergers. The series also has some of the best kid actors in TV right now. Jason Katims of Friday Night Lights (if you haven’t seen this series, you’ll be hearing from me soon!) produces Parenthood and he definitely knows quality storytelling and writing. And it has just been renewed for a third season! Hooray!   

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