Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol: A Top 2 Disappointment

Who's in it to win it all?

You could've fooled me if you told me this was the performance finale of American Idol 10 because nothing spectacular came out of that episode. This is what you get for voting out Haley Reinhart, America! But we can't change what had already happened. All we can do now is await the results due in less than 24 hours. Who do you think will win season 10? Let's look at the final 2's (lackluster) performances, shall we? 

Round 1:
Scotty's Gone vs. Lauren's Flat on the Floor

Winner: Scotty. Gone was definitely the most enjoyable performance of the night. Was it just me (or the camera angles), or did we have less of Scotty's cheesy facial expressions? He definitely did not miss a single note in this song (and he has been pretty consistent about this the entire season), which is so much more than I can say about Lauren's Flat on the Floor, or her previous performances for that matter.

Round 2:
Scotty's Check Yes or No vs. Lauren's Maybe It Was Memphis


Winner: Lauren. Scotty was pretty decent in Check Yes or No, but it was a bit sleepy for me. My problem with Scotty is that he's the most predictable contestant this season. Predictable in Idol, of course, means boring. Lauren, on the other hand, is not the best technical singer. You'll almost always find vocal flaws in her performances. But no doubt, the 16 year old has a good tone, and this showed in Maybe It Was Memphis. To be the next Carrie Underwood (as what the judges and the producers seem to be pushing for her), she will need a lot more vocal training.

Round 3:
Scotty's I Love You This Big vs. Lauren's Like My Mother Does

Winner: Lauren (only by the skin of her teeth). I cannot believe Scotty would agree to sing a song entitled I Love You This Big. It's just... wrong. Again, nothing really spectacular with the last 2 songs. Maybe it's Scotty's unfortunate title, but I liked Lauren's song a wee bit better. What turned me off was her hugging Mama Alaina in the middle of the song (that just felt staged), and the overall favoritism of the producers toward her. (She was sick! She loves her mother! She's the next Carrie Underwood!)

So who do you think will win? Personally (and after much thought), I'd like Scotty to be the next American Idol. He was the most consistent this season. Lauren has a lovely tone but she's not there yet vocally. (And the judges, of course, are not giving enough constructive critique to help her, or even Scotty.) And I just don't like how the producers of Idol are pushing Lauren down our throats.

It doesn't really matter who wins in the end, right? Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry have great careers even though they weren't crowned the Idols of their respective seasons. Lauren has the bigger chance of winning right now (only because of the favoritism she gets), but Scotty will have a big career no matter what. And Haley too! I'm hoping Haley gets signed into a record deal and she produces lots and lots of wonderful albums! HaleyFTW!

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