Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bad Girls of The Good Wife

To all my fellow Good Wife fanatics, are you very much looking forward to tomorrow's second season finale? (If you don't watch The Good Wife... first, HOW COULD YOU NOT, and second, let me turn your attention to my previous post.)

So who's turning bad in the season's final episode entitled "Closing Arguments"? Well, from the promo below, it looks like Alicia is gonna get busy with [Spoiler Alert!] (Stop here and don't watch the video if you don't wanna get spoiled.)

... Will! We all know this will happen soon, right? Or is the promo simply misleading us? And how about this photo?

They seem to be enjoying themselves, aren't they?

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk. 

Speaking of getting busy and enjoying one's self, Kalinda sleeps (!) with someone in the episode...

And what do you know, it's Sophia, the private investigator from last week! But there seems to be no happy ending for this couple anytime soon, especially after Kalinda finds out that ****i*  *s  **r****!

So what do you think guys? Will Alicia and Will finally hook up? Are Alicia and Kalinda ever gonna be friends again? And when will our resident bisexual (lesbian?) have a permanent love interest?

Happy Watching!

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