Saturday, May 21, 2011

Franklin & Bash [Summer/Spring 2011 TV #6]

I've been too excited about the recent pick-ups for Fall 2011 that I completely forgot about the new and returning shows of the summer and spring months of May to August.

TNT's second new show for the season (after Falling Skies) is a law procedural show with a sense of humor. If I've got no more better shows to watch, then I'll check this one out. The Good Wife has set the bar way way up for courtroom series like this one and I'm afraid I might just get disappointed in the end. I also think that maybe the characters of Franklin and Bash should just recur in The Good Wife, joining the already wonderful recurring cast of lawyers and judges which include Martha Plimpton, Michael J. Fox and Dennis O' Hare. They'll be an incredible addition to the CBS drama, in my opinion. But of course this will never happen... Here's a good idea, why not have Good Wife-Franklin & Bash crossover episodes? Let this happen please, oh powerful TNT and CBS execs.


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