Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Favorite Liars are Back!

Well... almost! Pretty Little Liars will be back this June 14 (June 15 here in the Philippines) with a brand new season. After season one's Ian-gate, the girls ended up being in a much worse position. So where does this leave us with Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria? Will it be all downhill from here?

I've been reading some minor spoilers for the upcoming season and I'll be talking about them after the jump. So this is a Spoiler Alert! Stop reading if you don't wanna know any spoilery detail about season 2. Instead, just watch the trailer below for the much anticipated season.

So what's up with our liars? According to, Maya, Paige and Samara will all be back in a big way next season. What does this mean for our sweet Emily? Well, whatever the case may be, our resident swimmer will surely be one lucky and happy girl with three lovely ladies vying for her attention. But here's someone who's not gonna be over-the-moon when she finally gets reunited with Emily. When Maya returns, she'll be quite surprised as to what Emily's been up to. Does this concern the Emily-Paige kiss? Or maybe that little flirtation with Samara?

Spencer and Toby will have to go under the radar with their relationship in season 2. Spencer will be forbidden by her family to see Toby and Toby will also not be allowed to be with her. And guess who's back? Ren! (a.k.a. Melissa's British ex-fiance) What trouble will Ren stir up next? Will it cause Spencer and Toby's relationship?

Aria and Ezra will still be crazy in love when PLL comes back. Episode 2 may even have the best romantic scene between these two lovebirds. Ezra transferring out of Rosewood high school may just be the best thing for Ezria fans out there.

Lastly, A will continue his/her torment of the girls, and Ian may have an accomplice in making those creepy videos.

I'm certainly pumped up for the return of PLL! How about you guys? Do you think Ian is still alive? And what will Ren be up to now? How about Noel? Who do you think will Emily end up with? And are you guys missing Hanna as much as I do?

Happy Watching!

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