Sunday, May 22, 2011

More PLL Season 2 Spoilers

If this hasn't made you die with excitement for the return of Pretty Little Liars on June 14/15, then I'm here to list down more juicy details about the upcoming sophomore season of this addicting drama.

SPOILER ALERT! I don't think these spoilers will really ruin your PLL viewing experience; but if you really don't want any, then stop here. Otherwise, read on.

  • Emily's mom will seem to be pretty determined to move to Texas at the beginning of next season. She'll even put their house on the market and get a realtor. But we all know Emily's not really going anywhere. Does this mean Mrs. Fields (her name made me hungry a little, no judgements) will leave her daughter all alone in Rosewood? Is Emily going to live alone? Or will she have a new roommate? I'm hoping for the latter. Roommates always bring fresh drama.
  • Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna's parents are sending their daughters to group therapy! This happens after nobody believes the story of our Liars (which happens to be telling the truth this time) about Ian and that church in the season 1 finale. Annabeth Gish will play Anne Sullivan, the girls' therapist who'll try to uncover the ugly truth from the four.
  • The season 2 premiere will be entitled "It's Alive". What or who is It? Is It related to A? Or is It Ian? This title is driving me crazy! Plus, the season premiere takes place seconds right after the season 1 finale.
  • Episode 3 will be entitled "My Name is Trouble". 
  • Someone's getting new girlfriends! (yes, plural!) It seems like our sweet Emily is slowly becoming a bit of a player. I've discussed in my previous article that Maya, Paige and Samara will all come back. But will there be a couple of new girls to still be introduced to us?
  • We all saw Lucas driving Caleb back to Rosewood in the season 1 finale. So what does this mean for Hanna? It will be bittersweet. Hanna's going to be happy to see Caleb back, but she won't let him know that. Aside from Hanna and Caleb's relationship, fans should also expect a budding bromance to form between Lucas and Caleb over the season. Sounds unlikely, no? They seem to be total opposites that I'm excited to see how this plays out.
  • Episode 5 is entitled "The Devil You Know". It was also revealed that a mystery will be solved in this episode. Which one will it be?
  • Andrea Carter was cast to play Alison's mom, Jessica DiLaurentis! She'll return to Rosewood to attend a tribute for her late daughter. The character will be recurring so we'll see quite a lot of her in the upcoming season. She will be reunited with Alison's former BFFs in the 6th episode and she will look quite happy to see them again. (At first!) But after some time, she'll seem to have other motives with her return to Rosewood. (Will we love to hate Jessica just as much as we did Alison?)
  • Although Aria and Ezra will seem to be extremely in love in the first few episodes, everything may not go as smoothly. (Of course, this is PLL!) Aria may actually have a new love interest (!) and this new guy's identity may surprise fans, according to reports. Who will this guy be? But more importantly, who will Aria choose?

Stay tuned for more PLL news!

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Happy Watching!

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