Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pretty Little Liars: "It's Alive" Sneak Peeks

Here's something to wet your appetite before the June 14 premiere of Pretty Little Liars' second season. (Or are you already extremely hungry for it?)

Below are three sneak peeks for the season premiere entitled "It's Alive".

As I've posted before, the premiere takes place moments after the final scene of the first season. So we're still gonna be asking where Ian's body went. Is he alive? And who is to be trusted? (Definitely not Officer Garrett.)

The girls will have a new therapist, Anne Sullivan. Will she uncover the truth about the girls and A? Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer better start talking! They seriously need a grown-up on their side.

Oh, more family drama! But what do you expect if your sister accuses your husband and baby daddy to be a creep who takes videos of young girls without their knowledge or when your brother-in-law tries to murder you?

From the clips above, this season's definitely gonna be one crazy rollercoaster ride! I, for one, can't wait any longer.

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Happy Watching!

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