Thursday, June 2, 2011

Which Show is Bringing Back the Nasty? It's Fear Factor! [UPDATE 06/03]

Yes, you heard it right. NBC will be reviving this classic reality show with all its high-adrenaline stunts and gross-out challenges!

According to, Paul Telegdy, NBC's head of alternative programming, thought of bringing back the show because of the high ratings Fear Factor repeats are getting in NBC's sister channel Chiller. He said that episodes of this reality show really stood the test of time.

Now that stunt and camera technologies have developed quite a lot since the show ended in 2006, Fear Factor 2.0 plans to go bigger, but it doesn't "necessarily need to do the stuff with maximum shock value." The show will definitely be shinier, but maybe we'll see less of those vomit-inducing, difficult-to-watch challenges. (I personally enjoy them. But apparently, not everyone shares my taste in reality shows.)

We still don't know if Joe Rogan will return as the host and when Fear Factor 2.0 will actually be shown. But rest assured, I am looking very much forward to its return. Are you?

UPDATE (06/03): also reports that Joe Rogan is indeed high on NBC's list to be the host of the reality show. But the network still has to sit down with Rogan and actually talk about whether he wants to be a part of the show again or not. NBC has already ordered 10 episodes, but scheduling has not yet been announced.

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