Monday, June 6, 2011

Guess which American Idol Season 10 Contestant is Now Engaged?

If you don't stalk follow the lives of Idol contestants closely, you wouldn't know that Paul McDonald from the recently concluded season was dating Twilight's Nikki Reed. And just at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Reed was already flashing some serious bling. Yes people, Paul and Nikki are now engaged!

Reed told the press that Paul's "the one" and that the cool singer actually writes songs inspired by her. How sweet is that!

I've never thought this relationship would actually go anywhere, but apparently, I have much more to stalk learn about my Idol alumni. And this sort of breaks my heart because I wanted Paul and Kendra Chantelle (Idol 10 Top 24) to end up together. Just listen to the lovely music that a Paul and Kendra duo can produce:

Paul and Nikki can make lots of babies, but Paul and Kendra NEEDS to make more wonderful music! I hope Nikki is not the jealous type.

Anybody rooting for these two lovebirds?

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