Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Lee Dewyze vs. Nigel Lythgoe!

The latest season of American Idol may be over, but the drama isn't! This time, it's between executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and Season 9 winner Lee Dewyze.

Those who have watched the (pretty spectacular) finale results show may have noticed the producers' snub of Lee Dewyze. Unlike past Idol winners like Carrie Underwood and David Cook, our most recent champion before Scotty McCreery didn't make an appearance on stage. (He did, however, make an appearance behind Ryan Seacrest's head when our host was by the audience area doing his spill. Anyone else caught that?)

So maybe the producers just didn't want to relive the disaster that was season 9? Apparently not. Just after all that confetti in the Nokia Theater settled down, Nigel sent all his followers an interesting tweet:

Allegedly, Nigel and Co. did want Lee to be on the show to present the award to Scotty. But then Lee instantly refuted this with his (longer) tweet:

And when everyone thought that this was just some misunderstanding on both parties, Nigel (basically) called Lee a liar:

So who's telling the truth? Which side are you on? Or are you just glad American Idol went out with a bang (Damn Beyonce! Gaga! Haley! Steven Tyler!) even without the season 9 champ? Personally, I think it was simply a case of miscommunication.

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Happy Watching!

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  1. I didn't know that you are keeping a blog. :)) I don't know which is which but I think... Nigel is lying. :))