Friday, May 27, 2011

Glee Finale: Highs and Lows

The second season of Glee had a lot of wonderful things going for it (Klaine! Max Adler! Santana! Holly Holiday! Fondue For Two!), but it also had its fair share of disappointments (ahem. Sue Sylvester.) Whether the sophomore run of this eccentric show had you all excited or frustrated, you can't tell me you didn't look forward to its season finale where the New Directions competed for Nationals in New York City!

And like any other Glee episode this season, "New York" also had its highs and lows. Let me list down what I thought were fantastic moments, what were missed opportunities and what were just plain infuriating.

  • The "I Love New York" and "New York, New York" mash-up. Until now, this song is still stuck in my head. Thank you Glee, for showcasing the wonderful voices of Santana and Mercedes in this highly entertaining number. What? You also can't get enough of it? Well what do you know, I've embedded the incredible performance below! (Also, plus points for those colorful and youthful outfits!)
  • Santana from Lima Heights Adjacent. I cracked up when Santana lost it (in Spanish!) after New Directions didn't get through to the next round of Nationals. Now, we all know what happens in Lima Heights Adjacent: Bad. Things.
  • Rachel and Kurt's blossoming friendship. Who wasn't touched when these two high school outcasts were talking about their big dreams in Broadway? Their rendition of "For Good" was flawless too!
  • "Pretending". Oh, that performance was full of emotion and angst. And that kiss! The silence in the theater that came afterward said it all.
  • Blaine telling Kurt the L Word. No, not lesbians (more on that later). Blaine sort of casually blurted out "I love you" when Kurt was talking about what happened in New York. The way Blaine said it was perfect. Plus, Kurt said it back!
  • Brittana. They're still not (TOGETHER) together. But I loved how Brittany told Santana she loves her more than anything in this world, and how Santana told Brittany that she's her best friend. Who's shipping Brittana? I sure am!
  • No Emma. Who else thinks the finale should've been longer? If it was, then the Will and Emma scene the producers were talking about should not have been cut. Now we have to wait 5 more months to know what exactly will happen between the two.
  • Happy Quinn. Quinn seemed to be fine with Finchel by the end of the episode. Did anyone else catch that? And only because of a haircut? I dunno, it was a sudden resolution for me. Honestly, I feel cheated by the writers. How can someone head-over-heels in love get over a recent breakup (and Finn getting back together with Rachel!) that quickly? It just doesn't make any sense, plotwise.
  • Will's quick decision of staying with his kids. Speaking of sudden resolutions, I also felt the same way with Will's decision of not doing April Rhode's musical in Broadway. Yes, yes, New Directions is Shuester's joy now, but showing us more scenes about his inner struggle could've helped the storytelling, don't you agree?
  • "My Cup". This could have been funny, if we hadn't seen it all before. Remember "My Headband"? Brittany S. Pierce deserved better than that.
  • Samcedes? We saw Sam and Mercedes hold hands toward the end of the episode; and I just don't get why they needed to keep their relationship a secret. And is it just me, or did this pairing come from nowhere? Here's Glee again, pairing up all the New Directions kids with each other.
So how about you? What did you like and dislike about the finale? What do you wanna see next season? What do you think is up with Sam and Mercedes? And are you in love with Santana and Klaine as much as I am?

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Happy Watching!

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