Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Falling Skies [Summer/Spring 2011 TV #5]

I've been too excited about the recent pick-ups for Fall 2011 that I completely forgot about the new and returning shows of the summer and spring months of May to August.

A TV show about an alien invasion produced by Steven Spielberg? COUNT. ME. IN. I am quite sure that Falling Skies will fill the void that the cancellation of V has brought me. I just wish it doesn't meet the fate of V or The Event, both of which tackled the existence of extraterrestrial beings, and both of which got axed. Can't viewers handle aliens? I hope everyone finds it in their hearts to let these lovely little creatures (see below) into their homes every week starting June19/20.

Of course, Spielberg should have some interesting twists and plot developments in his pocket for this show. I wouldn't want a generic alien invasion show, would you?


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