Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sookie and [SPOILER ALERT] Hook-up?!?

Spoiler Alert! Don’t watch the video nor continue reading this if you do not want any details about the upcoming season of True Blood. (But seriously, can you actually resist this?)

From the preview, it seems that Alan Ball will follow a storyline found in the books: Eric is gonna have amnesia! And we all know what this will mean now that Bill is the bad guy for betraying our dear Sookie. (If you forgot, Bill was investigating Sookie for Queen Sophie-Ann.) Will Sookie-Eric fans rejoice in the 4th season? My guess is yes. In the books, it is Sookie who nurses Eric back to health, so a Sookie-Eric hook-up is definitely a HUGE possibility. Also, it looks like there’s gonna be a hot scene between these two characters as seen in the official trailer (see below), and it’s NOT a dream!

Are you guys as excited as I am? Are you rooting for Sookie-Bill or Sookie-Eric? Are you glad Alcide’s returning? and Jesus too? And do you think we’ll finally get to see some real Sookie-Eric action after 3 seasons?

Happy Watching!

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