Friday, May 27, 2011

The Community-Cougar Town Connection

There is some cross-network/cross-show lovin' going on... and I am liking it!

It's no secret that the writers, producers and cast of Community are in love with Cougar Town (and vice versa). The Pulp Fiction episode of the NBC comedy just showed its viewers just how much they adore the Courtney Cox starrer by having Abed mention the title more than 10 times!

In this incredible scene, Abed was talking to Jeff about him being an avid fan of Cougar Town and how he became an extra in the comedy. So I thought that was the end of that. But what happened next completely blew my mind. In Cougar Town's 2nd season finale, Abed WAS in the background! I never thought this would actually happen since the two shows come from different networks (Community is on NBC while Cougar Town is on ABC). But there it is. Abed (NOT Danny Pudi, mind you), was in Cougar Town!

There were some misalignment with Abed's story and his actual scene in the ABC comedy. One, he wasn't walking, and two, Courtney Cox wasn't in the scene. (Scheduling conflicts were the reason for this.) But who cares? It's still as awesome!

This also happened after Dan Byrd and Busy Phillips, both stars of Cougar Town, had (blink-and-you'll-miss-it) cameos in Community's second season paintball finale.

(To those of you who want to rewatch the Community finale, this clip was taken from the scene when the Human Beings were cheering for their victory against City College.)

I think what these two under-appreciated shows are doing is really wise. They are definitely quality comedies but they don't have the biggest following that they deserve. Having each show give a shout out to the other will only help them both in the long run.

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