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The Glee Project! (Meet the Contenders)

It hasn't been a week since the Glee season 2 finale, and I get it, you're already having separation anxieties. (I am too!) But you don't have to worry about missing the show too much over the course of this hiatus anymore, because a new reality competition show is coming your way this June 12, and it's ALL about Glee!

The Glee Project is a reality series where 12 wannabees will compete for a 7 episode arc on Glee next season. (So much better than one million dollars, right?) Here's the good news: over the course of the show, various Glee stars will show up to give the contestants some advice and guidance; and in the first episode, it will be none other than Darren Criss (Blaine!) who will make a special appearance.

Here's The Glee Project's first promo (featuring the entire cast of the new show):

This music video has definitely gotten me excited for the show. Do you already have your early favorites? No? Then how about getting to know each contestant better after the jump?

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Alex has been a performer since he was a toddler, and has been performing in amateur shows since high school. He lost his father to cancer at the age of six and finding his love for acting and singing has helped him find a way to express his emotions. Extracurricular activities such as church choir, school choir, improv club and costume design keep him extremely busy. He has tremendous range and has the ability to tackle any lead role - both male or female!

Bryce has been performing ever since he picked up an acoustic guitar and taught himself to play at age 13. In his junior year of high school, he discovered the theatre department and for the first time in his life felt comfortable in his own skin. At 15, while vacationing in the Bahamas, Bryce dove headfirst into a coral reef, splitting open his head and breaking his neck. For the next seven months he lived in a neck brace unsure of whether he would walk again. Currently, Bryce attends Berklee College of Music in Boston where he is a Voice major with a scholarship. He sings jazz, rap, pop, punk, reggae and gospel and is also an accomplished songwriter.

Cameron is a natural musician who, up until six months ago, had never taken a single music lesson. He's been performing in amateur shows for four years. In high school, Cameron was hated by all the guys but loved by all the girls. He grew up loving the Beatles - they inspire him and influence him as a musician and a performer.

Damian tours with the Irish vocal group Celtic Thunder and has been performing with them since age 14. While he has a lower voice than most male pop singers, Damian is a versatile vocalist who has learned to master many different styles. A native of Ireland, he brings a different cultural mindset than others competing on the show.

Ellis has been performing in amateur shows for four years. Always the outcast in high school, Ellis used her vocal talents and musical theater to find friends and express herself.

Emily has been performing for 11 years, both in off-Broadway shows and in Las Vegas. She attended the LaGuardia High School - New York City's "Fame" school - and prides herself on her training. Her feisty and flirty personality commands attention and comes out in the way she performs. She has her eye on the prize and will do whatever it takes to win, competition and all.

Hannah has been performing in amateur shows for six years. Even though she sometimes feels self-conscious about her weight, she uses her sense of humor and exuberance to overcome any negative feelings she has about her appearance. Besides her talent for singing, Hannah can also rap (under the alias Rouge), which illustrates her sincere quirkiness and positive attitude.

Lindsay has been performing in amateur shows for 13 years. Deaf for the first six months of her life, she especially appreciates her ear for music more than ever. She hasn't always been accepted as a performer, but she continues to work hard, accept who she is and allow her inner-beauty to shine.

Marissa has been performing in commercials and shows on both an amateur and professional level for over 12 years. She is a native New Yorker with a colorful bohemian style. She is an artist in every sense of the word: skilled in singing, acting, dancing, drawing and design.

Originally from Brazil, Matheus moved to the United States eight years ago to consult American doctors about his 4'9" height. Their conclusion: he is "just short." Despite not knowing any English, he enrolled in school three days after moving to the States and through the help of his trusty dictionary, mastered the language within months. Music has always been his best companion - helping him get through life's difficult challenges.

McKynleigh has been performing in amateur shows for 13 years. As a biracial musician, she surprises people when they discover her strength is singing country music. Growing up home-schooled, she always wanted to be in show choir but never had the chance.

Samuel, a musician at heart, is not only the lead singer in his band, but he also plays guitar, drums, bass and piano. He's a hopeless romantic and has a knack for serenading the ladies, often more confident singing to them than actually talking to them.

I have to say that from first impressions, I am already rooting for Marissa and Samuel because they seem to have intriguing personalities. Plus, they are well-rounded artists and that always gets me excited about any performer. I am also intrigued by Matheus' story; and Bryce and Lindsay's voices have this raspy/rocker quality that I really like.

So what do you think of our contenders? Do you already have your picks? And are you looking forward to this new show we'll all be obsessing about? 

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Happy Watching!

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