Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Switched at Birth [Summer/Spring 2011 TV #1]

I've been too excited about the recent pick-ups for Fall 2011 that I completely forgot about the new and returning shows of the summer and spring months of May to August.

Aside from returning favorite Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family is premiering a lot of new series this season. Starting first on June 6 (June 7 here in the Philippines) is the drama Switched at Birth.

It's all self-explanatory, really. Two girls grew up in different families only to find out they were in the wrong ones. Both families took home the wrong babies at birth. And thus, drama ensues! The challenge now is for the writers to regularly keep the show fresh, because we've all seen this storyline at least once or twice before, haven't we? (Hello, Desperate Housewives!) But to be fair, I think the addition of the deaf daughter is already a nice touch to this tried and tested plot. The promo for the show can be found below.

Happy Watching!

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