Friday, May 20, 2011

Modern Family Finale [SNEAK PEEK]

Here's something to be excited about next week- the Modern Family season finale! I know the Dunphy, Pritchett-Delgado and Pritchett-Tucker households need their well-deserved rest after a spectacular season of this sophomore comedy; but a part of me just wishes that the show never goes on a hiatus EVER. The finale's certainly a bittersweet thing (how can we wait another 5 months for the next season?); but there's also so much to look forward to in this season's final episode.

Below is a sneak peek for "The One That Got Away." I also have one sort of major-y spoiler after the clip. So Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk. But I tell you, it's a good one.

And now for the spoiler. Once again, Spoiler Alert!

There's gonna be a new family member in Modern Family! Probably next season! And how will this happen?

Well, in the season finale, Cam and Mitchell decide to extend their family! Everybody now: AAAWWWW. Lily needs a brother or sister, right? I'm excited how this will boost the dynamic of the entire cast next season.

And just when I thought Modern Family can't make me love them more... they bring me this great news. Can't wait for season 3!

Happy Watching!

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