Friday, June 10, 2011

SYTYCD 8: Meet the Top 20!

I am so ready for SYTYCD's (possibly) best season yet! If the entire 8th season will be filled with exciting, entertaining and beautiful pieces like the ones showed during the Top 20 reveal episode, then we are definitely in for a good ride.

I'll post the spectacular performances here for those of you who missed the episode (or simply want to watch them over and over again.) Then I'll be picking my top 5 boys and top 5 girls who, based on their auditions and on first impressions, I want to crack the Top 10 and dance with our All Stars.

Melanie Moore, Sasha Mallory, Ricky Jaime, Miranda Maleski

Tadd Gadduang, Wadi Jones, Robert Taylor Jr., Chris Koehl

Iveta Lukosiute

Marko Germar, Jordan Casanova, Missy Morelli, Clarice Ordaz

Jess LeProtto, Nick Young

Ashley Rich, Alexander Fost, Mitchell Kelly, Ryan Ramirez, Caitlynn Lawson

Here are the equally awesome group numbers:

Top 10 Guys

Who I'm rooting for: Tadd Gadduang (probably the cleanest and strongest hiphop dancer this season), Marko Germar (killed Sonya's piece), Wadi Jones (seems to be the best bboy this season), Nick Young (brings magic and charm to tap) and Ricky Jaime (possibly the strongest male contemporary dancer)

Top 10 Girls

Who I'm rooting for: Melanie Moore (simply a beautiful dancer), Clarice Ordaz (stunning solo in Vegas Week and has got presence on stage), Sasha Mallory (strong, consistent and she's got personality), Iveta Lukosiute (hot hot HOT piece with Pasha) and Jordan Casanova (sexy jazz dancer can command attention)

How about you guys? Who are your early favorites? Are you excited for this new bunch of extremely talented dancers? And are you looking forward to the All Stars come Top 10?


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Happy Watching!

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  1. I watch this sometimes during lunch break, its a wonderful contest.