Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Voice Live Rounds: Adam vs. Cee-Lo

In less than 24 hours, The Voice will reveal its Top 8 contenders. Before that, let me do a quick rundown on who I THINK WILL (but not necessarily WANT TO) go through the semi-finals for Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo.

Team Cee-Lo

Danger Zone

Curtis Grimes - I honestly can't remember a single thing about his performance aside from those girls dancing around him. This says a lot, no?

Tori and Taylor Thompson - Obviously, they were very uncomfortable with the song Coach Cee-Lo gave them. They looked lost and sounded breathless. Don't worry Thompson sisters, we were very much uncomfortable during your entire performance too!

Going Through

Nakia - Nakia doesn't excite me anymore. I feel like he has been doing the same thing over and over again. (And I've only seen him perform thrice!) But with that said, at least he sounded good in this performance. Also, can we do something about that facial hair situation, please?

Vicci Martinez - I'm pretty sure viewers will vote for Vicci. I'll throw a tantrum if they don't. She had the best performance of the night! I just love her!

Team Adam

Danger Zone

Devon Barley - Biggest. Disappointment. Of. The. Entire. Show. I rooted for Devon because he defeated Rebecca Loebe, my early favorite on the show, during the Battle Rounds. He sounded pretty awesome in Radiohead's Creep too. But this performance was just a mess. Bring back Rebecca Loebe!

Casey Weston - But I am hoping she goes through! I enjoyed her performance, she sounded great, and I love her tone. But I think the voters and Adam are leaning toward the other two artists.

Going Through

Jeff Jenkins - But I wish Jeff gets eliminated. But if he doesn't get the highest number of votes, Adam may just save Jeff because everyone on those big seats just love him to pieces! Didn't they hear what I heard? A hot-honeyed mess of a Carrie Underwood rendition.

Javier Colon - I'm also certain viewers will vote for Javier. He is the early favorite! He sounded great and he is definitely a versatile and strong singer; but buddy here needs to tone down all those riffs and runs. Listen to Adam GODAMMIT!

That's it! Do you guys agree? Are you excited for the Top 8's performances later? And are you happy with last week's results? I didn't expect Blake to save Xenia, but I couldn't be any more happier for her!

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Happy Watching!

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