Sunday, June 19, 2011

True Blood: Someone's Turning... Gay.

They've turned humans into vampires in True Blood before; but now, Alan Ball will turn a straight character gay! According to's Michael Ausiello, who has previewed the first few episodes of the new season, this storyline will not feel gimmicky at all. In fact, he said that it will actually make sense after our initial shock subsides.

So who do you think will this character be? Or better yet, who do you WANT it to be? A lot of fans are guessing Tara. Jason will also make sense since man-whores, at least in TV and movies, turn out to be gay a lot of times. Or will it be Alcide? As I've posted here, Alcide will be living in his new suburban home this season with quite a number of secrets to reveal. Or maybe Eric? If you've been following my True Blood posts, then you know Eric will be getting amnesia. Will this cause him to have a same-sex relationship?

Furthermore, how will the show explain this sexual orientation switch? Was the character simply in the closet for the past three seasons? Or will it involve something supernatural, like a witch or fairy casting somebody a spell?

Whoever it is and whatever the backstory is, my excitement for season 4 just tripled because of this. Lafayette, Jesus, and our bisexual Pam are just not enough gay characters for a show like True Blood, no? As for who I want it to be, I'm hoping it will be Alcide or Jason. How about you?

Happy Watching!

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