Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Voice Live Rounds: Blake vs. Christina

Our first live rounds featured Team Blake and Team Christina, but they were not really going up against each other. At least not yet. As we've learned in the episode, four out of the eight that performed will be kicked off the show this week. In each team, one artist will be saved by viewers' votes and another will be saved by the coach. Let me list down who are I think are in danger and who are the ones who should go through the next round.

Team Christina

Danger Zone

Lily Elise - Note to Christina, those dancers were a bad idea. Lily just didn't bring it performance-wise. Her vocals were fine but forgettable.

Racquel Castro - Racquel was pretty hot in this performance. Yes, this is the type of artist that this girl should become. Too bad her singing wasn't as hot as the next two artists in Team Christina.

Going Through

Beverly McLellan - Definitely one of the best performances of the night. She had great vocals, she knew how to work that crowd without going overboard and she's just a performer.

Frenchie Davis - Perfect song. Great vocal range and control. Awesome stage presence.

Team Blake

Danger Zone

Xenia - I love her tone, but she needs more experience outside of the competition. Those hand gestures were obviously rehearsed and choreographed. They were distracting, to be honest. But at least she smiled!

Jared Blake - Biggest disappointment of the night. I still like his rocker voice, but I couldn't hear it properly in the live show. Blake should have coached him to sing straight into the mic. And something just doesn't feel genuine in his performance style, no?  

Going Through

Patrick Thomas - He sounded good in his performance. But I just couldn't take that song seriously anymore, not after Scotty McCreery messed up the words in Hollywood Week (Remember "nuts of wonder"?) People will vote for this guy, and not just because Christina wants to do it with him (creepy).

Dia Frampton - Most memorable performance of the night, but I think the judges forgot about Kris Allen's superior rendition of Heartless. Don't get me wrong, I still loved Dia's performance. I especially adored her tone and how she played the piano.

Do you agree with my predictions? I'm actually much more looking forward to the next episode which will feature the two stronger teams. And American Idol can learn a thing or two from The Voice, right? I like how iTunes downloads are also considered votes for the contestants, because isn't that the real measure of a successful artiist? If people actually buy your music? I also like that they encourage voters to limit 10 votes per voting device per singer. If this is actually enforced, I'm not sure. Lastly, I would like to thank The Voice for timing the coaches' comments. Because we all know what happens in Idol. Those obnoxious judges can go on and on and on and make the show about them.

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