Tuesday, June 14, 2011

True Blood: See the First 8 Minutes of Season 4!

Couch Patatas is one month old! And because of this, I'm giving you guys the first eight minutes of True Blood's much awaited 4th season! (Not that you can't look for the clip on YouTube... Just don't mind me, I want to feel extra special on my blog's first monthsary.)

You've seen the first three minutes of the season premiere, now Alan Ball and Co. are making us crave for more Blood with extra five minutes, and I tell you, the sneak peek's a doozy!

Without further ado... here it is:

Oh True Blood, why do you have to ruin fairies for me? Can't they all remain shiny and beautiful? But that just won't cut it in this dark and twisty show, right? This is looking to be a very promising season. How can the first few scenes of the premiere be packed with so much twists already? (Sookie's grand daddy is alive! Grand daddy is still looking young! Magical fruits! The fairies are bad! Well... only some of them!)

Sookie's gotta have a lot on her plate this season. Aside from breaking up with Bill, aiding a [SPOILER ALERT!] amnesia-stricken Eric and dealing with witches and werewolves, she now has to fight off the human-abducting fairies! Too bad Alcide will only come to her rescue come episode 3. Yes, Alcide will not show up until the third episode when Sookie goes and visits him in his new suburban home. (And he has some secrets of his own too!)

Can you feel the True Blood mania? From the relatively disappointing third season, I think the series is gonna pick-up with a bang!

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Happy Watching!

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